Thursday, December 26, 2013

beautiful skies and complicated thoughts

I love spend my time watching the blue skies from my window, reading some magazines or writing some notes in my notebook or even studying (yes, i'm studying in holiday) with a cup of tea and cookies. I decided a lot of things recently and sometimes it scared me. What if i choose the wrong decision? and a hundreds 'what if' sometimes come up suddenly in my mind. confused yet quite scary. Then whenever it happens, i look up to the skies. I dont know why but it calms me down. enough of me blabbering here, i wish you all have a happy holiday and see ya in the next post!

pants by Danar hadi; unbrabded red socks

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secret Place

thrifted grey sweatshirt; vintage red polkadot shirt; unbranded flower shoes

I believe we all have a secret place to hide for a while from reality. That secret place keeps us feel safe, comfortable and make sure everything's going to be fine. For a while.
but honestly, it doesn't change anything at all. it doesn't fix anything at all. I personally admit that.
I do have my own secret place. In my secret place, like what i've told you before, i feel safe. but then when i get back to reality, things aint change. things are just same.
running away seems like a perfect thing to do whenever reality slaps you hard. but it's definitely not a perfect way to solve everything. I need my secret place to run away. but when i get back, i have to make sure that i'll make everything right.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


It's getting cold here but no no we're not having snow in jakarta but it always rain everyday and cold weather makes me fatter because I feel like i'm hungry every single time. My school held an event called bataralions last September. It was fun fun fun!


It's Ten 2 Five!

I personally don't miss sun now. I think I get enough of heat this past few months (if you live in jakarta, you'll know what i mean) and now it's time to enjoy the rain! (and beware of the flood) haha:p